ALFA Klebstoffe AG
ALFA Klebstoffe AG is an eco-friendly company that developed the world’s first 1 liquid type water soluble adhesive.

ALFA Klebsoffe

The Company located in Rafz, Switzerland developed the world’s first 1 liquid type water soluble adhesive in 1972.

Subsequently, the Company concentrated on production and development of a water-soluble adhesive containing no hazardous substances, under the slogan, “Solutions for a healthier planet”.

SIMALFA®, the eco-friendly water-soluble adhesive brand produced by ALFA Klebstoffe AG with a strict standard for environmental protection is mainly used for slab foam, bed mattress, furniture, automobiles interior material, and packaging industry.

ALFA Klebstoffe AG as a small family business currently supplies eco-friendly water-soluble adhesive under partnership with agents in 30 countries. Especially, its excellent performance is acknowledged by world class furniture and mattress companies like La-Z-Boy, Sleepy Head, and Tempur, and the automobile industry such as Johnson Controls and Lear Corporation, etc.